540 East Main Street Riverhead, NY

540 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY

  • 9 Buildings and Medical Complex

Mismanaged buildings and medical complex with a host of violations from the city prohibiting any new tenancy until corrected. For example, conditions were so horrendous that even the operating room lacked functioning plumbing during surgical operations.

The foremost mental health facility was also located in this complex and sidewalks were in complete disrepair, twisted paving and dangerous holes where those without full stability could easily fall.

Gutted and rebuilt complex including all new doors, new carpets, and new ceilings. Today, Riverhead Township their main offices located there, along with Peconic Satellite Hospital an amazing accomplishment considering the previous condition and violations held by the property.

We illuminated and repaved the parking lot, included parking for emergency doctors right outside the door, added new striping and received the approval of safety and fire officials. The brick fa├žade was sandblasted and new doors installed throughout.

In consideration for our prospective lease holders, a high-end state-of-the-art accessible playground with tight mesh 10-foot fence was constructed, which would allow care providers a place to wait while their children played.

As with apartment complexes, guests and patients prefer clean, neat and safe surroundings. It is our highest priority to provide excellent, best in class properties. The philosophies and ethics we hold have proven time and again to lead to expedient leasing with desirable tenants.